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Brad Ferguson's In-Wall A/C Installation (galley mount)

Brad mounted hit A/C unit in the bulkhead wall protruding into the galley.  When installing the rest of the galley cabinets, you need to make provision to allow air to the condenser fan intakes, those vents on the side of the unit.  The hatch would have to be open for operation, as only leaving it partially open could cause the unit to circulate hot exhaust air around the condenser coils, increasing the head pressure and possibly damaging the unit.


The benefits of this option are:

-Ease of installation.  

-The A/C unit is safe from theft and weather.

-The cold air is blowing in by your feet, a more comfortable way.

Some considerations  with this installation are:

-The unit is re-circulating cold air inside the cabin, and since the unit is vastly oversized, you won't get as much dehumidification.  To compensate, you could leave all the windows open, or find a way to duct outside air to the intake.

-You will need a drain hose for the condensate pan on the bottom of the A/C unit.

The unit will be positioned at your feet, so make sure you will be able to easily reach the controls.  Most new units have touch-pad controls you can manipulate with your toes, and some even come with remote control.

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