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Roly Nelson's In-Wall A/C Installation (Tongue mount)

If you haven't already figured it out, Roly really, really, really really,  REALLY likes working with wood ( to see the rest of this remarkable teardrop, click on

Roly mounted his A/C unit in the front wall, and the bulk of it is concealed in this beautiful steamer trunk.  He added the grille on the front so the exhaust from the condenser could blow out. He may want to add some side grilles to the trunk so the condenser has an intake of fresh air, or else it may be just re-circulating hot exhaust air and building up head pressure, possibly damaging the unit.

Of course, you could just leave the back half of the A/C unit exposed. The benefits of this option are:

  • Ease of installation.  You could also fit the battery next to it on the tongue.

  • The A/C controls are readily accessible.

  • Condensate water remains outside the cabin.

  Some considerations  with this installation are:

  • The unit is re-circulating cold air inside the cabin, and since the unit is vastly oversized, you won't get as much dehumidification.  To compensate, you could leave all the windows open, or find a way to duct outside air to the intake.

  • You will need a drain hose for the condensate pan on the bottom of the A/C unit.

  • The unit will be positioned right at your head, so noise and cold air may be a problem (but some folks back east can't get enough cold air in the summertime).

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