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Apple Trees for Hot Climates and the Tropics
"We Ship All Over the World"

We will be closed through the 2024-2025 season due to a large project.  You can try our friends at 39th Parallel Orchard and Nursery, Trees of Antiquity, and Century Farm Orchards

Yes, it's true; apples do grow in hot climates and the tropics, where there are very few or zero chilling hours and hot days with warm nights.  And they have been growing there for years, producing colorful, crisp, juicy, spicy apples.  We have sought out these apple varieties from all over the world and offer them along with  the educational materials needed to grow them.

Our trees are growing from the blast-furnace heat of inland Southern California to the tropics of Equatorial Africa.  We've shipped to Mumbai, India, Bangkok, Thailand, Belize, the Caribbean, Phoenix, Arizona, the Middle East, and the American Deep South.  Our trees are growing in the gardens of presidents and kings, as well as the gardens of tiny remote African villages.  With such experience we are certainly able to service your hot climate location.

"Kevin Hauser of Kuffel Creek Apple "the man" to explore the possibilities of low chill with respect to apple varieties..."

-Michael Phillips, The Holistic Orchard

The Apple Grower

What We Sell

We sell exclusively benchgrafts, infant trees consisting of a rootstock (the roots of the tree) with a scion (cutting) of the desired variety grafted onto it.  The benchgraft is bare-root and dormant and can be economically shipped long distances and grows vigorously when planted, often reaching six feet (2 meters) the first season.  Our shipping season runs February through April, with no availability the rest of the year. 

Benchgraft, about 14" (35cm) long and 3/8" (7mm)
 caliper, with a single bud grafted on the end.




The rootstock we graft onto is M111 EMLA, a virus-certified clonal rootstock that is very adaptable to heavy clay or light sandy soils, worn-out soils, and drought conditions.  It is well-anchored and resistant to wooly aphid, an underground pest.  It naturally makes a fairly large tree but can be pruned to remain any size. We also have limited numbers of Antonovka and MARK rootstock this season that we can graft onto.

Our Varieties

We've tested over 100 apple varieties in the 113F (45C) heat of Southern California where the lack of chill also tests the apple's productivity.  Top varieties from these trials are forwarded on to equatorial Africa for further testing in the tropics.  We've picked a list of our favorites that are well-adapted to hot climates and the tropics and also keep notes on the losers for reference.  On another note, almost all of our varieties do well in colder climates, and we ship to northern locations all the time.

  600-tree apple orchard near Kampala, Uganda

Apple Education

Our book Growing Apples in the Tropics is unique in the world, as it gives the warm-climate and tropic apple grower the information needed to raise apples where they're not supposed to grow. 


  See our YouTube Channel "kuffelcreek" for more information on our nursery and growing apples where they're not supposed to.

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Book- Growing Apples in the Tropics
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