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Cider Press Plans
For a Two-Tub Shredder and Press
by Kevin Hauser

We're proud to introduce plans for our version of the classic Cider Press.  Using the grinder and screw assemblies from Happy Valley Ranch, our cider press has been reinforced and tested to be kid-proof for your most grueling applications.  A beautiful machine in its own right, the Kuffel Creek Cider Press will make short work of your apples, producing gallons of fresh, delicious cider year after year. 

A cider press is a kid magnet, as youngsters are fascinated with the grinding and pressing process,  Washed apples are fed whole into the grinder, which grinds them into a pulp that falls into a mesh-lined pressing bucket.  It is then slid over to the screw, where a plate is inserted and the screw cranked down, exerting tremendous pressure and squeezing the clear juice from the pulp.  Within seconds, this clear liquid oxidizes to the deep golden amber color that's associated with real apple cider 

You will spend around $400 for the machine components, so protect your investment with a sound design and a good set of plans.  Our plans are the best in the industry, and will allow the craftsman with moderate woodworking experience to easily build a machine that will become a family heirloom. 

The plans include detailed instructions and are profusely illustrated with drawings and color photos, with a special section on cutting dovetails by hand.  If you've ever contemplated having your own cider press, building your own can be the most rewarding experience. 

The book has (23) 8.5 x 11 pages with full-color illustrations, drawings, and diagrams.  Offered in a .pdf download version that you can copy, save, and print just like any other file; 5MB file size.

Book download $9.95


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